Translation and Editing Services

Translation. We offer document translations in 140 different languages. We work with any type of document, from Court/legal documents, Immigration forms, medical records/insurance documents, personal identification cards or government documents, personal reports, marketing documents, contracts and so much more. Basically any document that you feel the needs that to be translated, we have you covered. 

Although the translation services area of our company encompasses providing many clients’ requested tasks, some of the more notable are:

  • Document translating – Any document that is provided to us by the client, may it be a flyer, legal document, medical report, contract or a book, we will have it translated within the deadline that was agreed upon. 
  • Desktop editing – this is the last proofreading and editing before any flyer, book, magazine or other written content will go to print and / or be delivered to a customer. As expert translators, we can assure clients that their vision will come across clearly in all languages. Content is structured and translated for localization to different populations, different cultures as well as different countries. Our desktop editing services can be used by companies looking to explain their offerings for a mobile application, a website, or other business venture.
  • Subtitling – Content creators that use video as a means of communicating their ideas and entertainment, rely on us to provide the proper translation of the content. This service we provide many times takes the form of subtitling movies and TV series in many languages.

As we previously mentioned, can work with all 140 languages, so that any document you need translated, we can take care of you and what you need translated. 

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