Our Team

Dorit Revitch
President & CEO

Dorit has created this company from the beginning in 2011 from her home office without any outside financing help. Since then, M.E. became to what is now the fastest growing company in the translation industry. Dorit holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences and is specialized in Psychology. She is fluent in English and Hebrew and has also basic understanding in Portuguese.

Jonathan Miron
Managing Partner & Project Manager

Jonathan has joined the team a few years back bringing in a vast knowledge in computer skills, translations and proofreading services. Fluent in English, Hebrew and Portuguese with a great knowledge of Spanish.

Tom Miron
Managing Partner & COM

Having a vast experience and knowledge in e-mail marketing, he contributes not only to the marketing aspect of things within the company but also to the translation side of the business being fluent in English, Hebrew and Portuguese and a basic understanding to Spanish. Tom also has an excellent knowledge in computer skills providing the company with design capabilities.

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